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Handles & Locks

Design collection of exclusive door handles and doorknobs

Anyway Doors works exclusively with their own door fitting designs. The range of doorknobs, door handles and lock accessories are key in determining the character, look and identity of the product and brand.

The doorknobs or handles are statically mounted on the door leaf, and therefore do not have a latch bolt mechanism. A doorknob is installed through a single hole, and a door handle is installed through a double hole.


Built-in design handles for modern interior doors.

There are also several built-in handle profiles that are built in over the entire height or width of the door leaf.

These various ‘built-in’ handles do not protrude from the door leaf, enabling the doors to open fully, even when they open against a wall. The door handle can’t hit the wall and clothes can’t get caught on it. Apart from these practical features, it is an innovative contemporary concept that combines function and aesthetics.