Modular setup & components

Modular wardrobe system

DRESS-A-WAY wardrobes are based on 5 combinable modules. They are wardrobes with hanging space or shelves, or a combination of both. Each module has a deep shoe or storage drawer at the bottom. It is also equipped with one or two clothing rods, several Blum Blumotion drawers, shelves, etc.

All storage units are modular. Adjustable in height and mounted sideways on rails. By adding other components, you could easily build alternative modules.

The side and partition panels are 68mm thick and fitted with LED lights along the full height, which switch on or off with a 'touch’ switch.

Both built-in and free-standing wardrobes can be custom made anywhere between 2,150mm and 3,050mm, with widths of 500mm to 1,200mm per module.

The overall cabinet depth is optimally 650mm, with a useful internal depth of 600mm. This is handy to comfortably hang garments, but can of course be adapted to suit every need.

Integrated handle

The edges of the wardrobe doors are finished along their entire length with a natural or black anodised aluminium handle. Between the door and cabinet, there is an invisible ventilation gap which ensures perfect ventilation at all times.

Multipurpose mounting groove

All storage components such as drawers, shelves, clothing rods, shoe rack, etc. are modular. They are adjustable in height and are easily attached to profiles on the side panel. In this way you build your own modules by adding or removing components.

Depending on the module, 1 or 2 adjustable clothes rods are provided.
For comfortable use, we recommend rod heights of 100cm and 210cm.

Pivot Hinges with comfort closure

The wardrobe-high doors are fitted with the ANYWAY DOORS self-closing pivot hinge mechanism (international patent) with a locking system at 90°. The 3mm MASSIV HPL laminate on the door leaves is available in various plain colours and woodprints. The doors can also be made from different types of glass with a thickness of up to 4mm whereby the wardrobe can also function as a light object.

Each door closes with the help of a silencer and a magnet. The wall of the initial and final module is finished off with an aluminium rim or end profile. Closed DRESS-A-WAY wardrobes are basically fitted with swinging doors as this allows you to 'shop around' in your wardrobe by fully opening it up.

Functional LED lighting

Each side and intermediate panel has an integrated LED strip with natural light along its entire height. The wardrobe lighting is operated with a 'touch' switch or remote control.

Blum blumotion drawers

Each wardrobe module has a silent sliding shoe or storage drawer at the bottom. Depending on the type of module, several high (250mm) or low (125mm) BLUM drawers can optionally be added. With an eye for quality and ease of use, BLUM BLUMOTION technology was chosen because it muffles the drawer sound when it is closed. By default it is metallic grey, but white or black are also possible.

The 250mm high drawer is fitted with a removable, shoe rod that is adjustable in depth and height, which means that you can opt for a shoe or storage drawer. You could combine the low 125mm drawer with one or more high drawers to form a drawer cabinet. Optionally, each drawer can be equipped with the Ta'Or high-end divider system.