Modular walk-in closet components

Modular walk-in closet components mounting groove

Multipurpose mounting groove

All storage components such as drawers, shelves, clothing rods, shoe racks etc. are modular. They are adjustable in height and are easily attached to profiles on the vertical rear panels. In this way you build your own modules by adding or removing components.

walk-in closet with built-in led light

Walk-in closets with functional LED lighting

The modular walk-in closet system ‘Dress Wall’ was specifically designed as an open wardrobe and is completely custom-made. The floating modular structure is suspended between floor and ceiling, or even installed fully detached from the wall. All vertical aluminium profiles can be optionally equipped with integrated LED lighting. The vertical light strip sits along both sides of the border profile over the entire closet height and therefore evenly illuminates the whole closet area and rear panel. The lighting is controlled via a standard 'touch' switch.

walk-in closet led lighting

Glass wall finish

The integrated LED lighting is not only functional, it also creates a unique atmosphere. The optional Lacobel glass finish on the rear panel between the profiles maximises light output. 

Walk-in closet drawers

Blum Blumotion drawers

Depending on the type of module, several high (250mm) or low (125mm) BLUM drawers can be added. With an eye for quality and ease of use, BLUM BLUMOTION technology was chosen because it muffles the drawer sound when it is closed. By default it is metallic grey, but white or black are also possible.