Anyway doorframes

Interior doors with built-in invisible doorframe "IBO"

Interior doors without a visible frame

The most contemporary frames are built-in frames for minimalist doors and without a visible frame. In this case, the frame should be installed before plastering, so that it can be completely incorporated in your wall finish. An interior door with a built-in frame requires a lot of attention to detail and instructions should be followed closely.

  • Technical details must be shown on a plan!
  • Requires correct planning and follow up, measurement/ assembly/incorporation/...
  • Implementation in two phases!
    (2x measuring / 2x fitting)

Modern interior doors with a Block Frame "BKO"

Minimalistic interior doors with a Block Frame

The most popular door-frame system is Anyway's minimalist anodised aluminium block frames. These frames do not require profiles to be fitted in advance and the plasterer and floor-fitter can finish everything off as if no doors are to be placed. Subsequently the block frame (48mm x 25mm) is fitted on top of the finished plaster. This frame also gives a ‘frameless’ effect.

  • Block doors can be used anywhere
  • Doorways to be finished off completely
  • The budget-friendly solution
  • Easy preparation in advance and straight-forward installation

Modern interior doors with surface fitted frame "OBO"

Interior doors with a ’Traditional’ frame in anodised aluminium with removal profiles

Besides the above minimalist possibilities, another option is to work with an aluminium frame structure. The removable doorframes can be clicked free and put to one side during painting or wallpapering. There is choice out of 12 different frames (OBO-a) that vary in size and design. The frames can be fitted with a natural look, in black or in anodised aluminium, according to your wishes and taste.

Within this group of frames there are a few spin-offs, the main one being OBO b that still needs to be finished off with plastering after being mounted.