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Interior doors with invisible frame


Modern interior doors with invisible door frames

Modern made-to-measure interior doors with invisible frames

IBO: Built-in door frame to be fitted completely into the wall

After installation, this frame in anodized aluminium needs to be carefully embedded into the wall finish (plaster, drywall, wood, etc.) by a professional. When finishing and touching up are completed, no doorframe is visible on either side, only the door leaf which is installed afterwards remains visible.

Anyway Doors began developing frameless doors over 15 years ago and therefore can rightly call itself an expert on interior doors without visible frames. The most important requirement for a maintenance-free finish is the central fitting of the frame, which ensures a solid and stable mounting and prevents possible fissures and cracks. This innovative installation also ensures that the doors look identical in both rooms!


Invisible door frame for modern interior doors ANYWAY Doors, as you can see, installs the frame in the centre of the wall thickness.

There are several reasons for this:

  • The door will look exactly the same in both rooms
  • Parts are installed in a stable and solid place
  • Integration and touching up is straight-forward


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