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Interior doors with removable aluminium door frames

Modern interior doors with removable aluminium doorframes.

Modern interior doors with various removable door frames

Modern interior doors custom made with modern aluminium doorframes. This modular doorframe combination in anodised aluminium allows finished walls of min. 80 up to max. 320mm thickness and wider if additional adjustments are made. The doorframes that can be clicked off hide minor imperfections and are also easily removable for painting or other maintenance.


Modern interior door with removable aluminium doorframes The modern anodised aluminium frame is installed in the centre on the ‘rough/unfinished’ door opening. This position prevents fissures, cracks and loosening and makes the door visually identical from both rooms. Depending on the doorframe, a 50-80mm profile remains visible around the door leaf that is fitted using concealed pivot hinges in the OBO profile. Floor transitions or setting joints are foreseen in the centre of the door opening/frame, and are finished off for final measurement. Skirting boards are then finished up to the removable doorframes.
Removable door frame made from anodized aluminium.

These modern interior doors are mounted on flat, unfinished solid doorjambs in brick, cellular concrete, concrete, wood, metal, etc. using 6-8 fine adjustment discson rubber anti-vibration mats. This three-dimensional fine adjustment technologyis accurate up to 0.25mm and allows for disassembly and readjustment of the doorframe without demolition work.

The door leaf is centrally positioned in the wall width as a standard. Off-centre is possible, but never flush with the wall surface. The centre line of the door leaf remains at least 40mm from the edge so that the door is stable.

DLTRIBO door frame  


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