Modern interior doors with minimal aluminium doorframes

Custom made interior doors with thin aluminium doorframes (10mm)

This minimalist interior frame in anodised aluminium has two 10mm wide doorframes protruding from the wall; depending on wall thickness they protrude min. 10mm up to 20mm and need to be finished off by a plasterer or painter or after installation. This type of frame is popular in both new constructions and renovations when radical changes and plasterwork are no longer possible. This doorframe is available in natural anodised aluminium and black anodised finish.

The interior door installation should be done on flat, unfinished, solid doorjambs (brick, cellular concrete, concrete, wood, metal, etc.). The frame is anchored by 6 to 8 fine adjustment discs on rubber anti-vibration mats. This fine adjustment technique is accurate up to 0.25mm so that the frame can be partially incorporated into the wall.

After mounting and finishing, this type of doorframe is ‘not’ removable without demolition work. (OBO-a has removable doorframes).

The door leaf of the modern interior doors is centrally positioned in the wall width as a standard. Off-centre is possible, but never flush with the wall surface. The centre line of the door leaf remains at least 40mm from the edge so that the door is stable.

OBO-b is possible in ‘all’ construction situations.