Modern interior doors with minimalist door frame

Modern interior doors with a minimalist anodized aluminium door frame

BKO: minimalist door frame fitted entirely within the finished wall

These modern interior doors with a minimalist door frame are made entirely from maintenance free and high-tech materials such as anodized aluminium and Resopal Massiv HPL.

The minimalist block frame is placed ‘within’ the finished doorjambs. The doorjambs may be finished in plaster, plaster board, wood, MDF, etc. The block doors are screwed directly on to the finished doorjambs using rubber anti-vibration mats. The paintable joint of at least 2.5mm between the aluminium profile and wall finish is levelled off smoothly and perpendicularly.

These modern interior doors with a minimalist door frame by Anyway Doors are always centrally placed in the doorway. The door leaf is centrally positioned in the wall width as a standard. This central position ensures an identical view on both sides of the door. Off-centre is possible, but never flush with the wall surface. The outside line of the door leaf remains at least 25mm from the edge.

This frame is the cheapest system; many people opt for this smooth minimalist door frame solution because it is easy to fit. It does not require any profiles to be fitted in advance and the plasterer and floor-fitter can finish everything off as if no doors are to be fitted.

  • Can be used anywhere
  • The most budget-friendly solution

Preparation: finished doorjambs + floors

After installation: touch up skirting boards & paint sealed joint.

Minimalist "Block" door frame technical

The anodised aluminium block frame measures W48 x H25mm and is fitted in the centre of the ‘finished’ door opening. This block door position prevents fissures, cracks and loosening and makes the walls visually identical from both rooms. The bottom joint of at least 2.5mm is finished off at a right angle with a paintable sealant. The door leaf is fitted into the block door BKO profile using concealed pivot hinges. Visually 25mm BKO profile remains visible around the door leaf. Floor transitions or setting joints provided in the centre of the doorway. Skirting is touched-up afterwards.