Custom-made glass doors

Custom-made glass door leaf

Glass doors are made with a glass door leaf that consists of 8 or 10mm tempered monolithic glass. The glass pane can be completely clear, maintenance friendly, leavened or frosted with patterns including ClearShield coating. The polished glass rim is sealed all around in the synthetic profiles of the doorframe. This forms both the closure and the positioning of the door.

Glass, even tempered safety glass, is a fragile product! Inclusion in an insurance policy is advisable.

The size of the glass sheet for single glass doors is max. 2,800x1,100mm (= ± 80kg). The new pivoting hinge that is anchored on top of the floor, will allow for even larger panels of up to 2,650x1,850mm with eccentric or central pivot without floor spring.

Etched glass (satinato) the glass surface is treated with a corrosive liquid. This makes the glass matt on one side by etching in a fine structure with shallow indentations. So it is relatively easy in terms of maintenance, and doesn’t require any further treatment. Cleaning can be done with all sorts of products except corrosive and abrasive ones. A good quality microfiber cloth and water are usually sufficient.

Frosted (sablé) glass surface is processed in a mechanical way, so that patterns can be applied. Unlike acids, this is a more craftsmanship is involved in the process. Anyway glass undergoes a standard after-treatment (Clearshield coating) which fills the deeper indentations. This simplifies maintenance and cleaning.

To protect the coating, do not use detergents, or corrosive or abrasive products.

Other types of glass (dark grey, extra leavened, grey, and so on) are available on request, but the abovementioned options are the most obvious ones in terms of availability, budget and their timeless character.