Frame profile glass doors

Glass doors with an aluminium frame

Glass doors with aluminium frame inside provide acoustic and thermal added value. The glass frame door leaf is made of an anodised aluminium glass wing profile that functions as ‘frame’ profile. One or two panes of glass are glued in or on this frame profile. There is a choice of three glass wing types, each with their own specific look and options.

Frame profile GLVL47

This frame has one glass panes of 6mm thickness, which is glued in the profile. 75mm of the aluminium profile remains visible around the glas. If desired, locks can be integrated into this profile. The door leaf is a 30mm thick.

Frame profile GLVL59

This frame is almost entirely sandwiched between two glass panes of 4mm thickness, that are glued ‘over’ the frame profile, and where only a 3mm aluminium frame profile remains visible as a border. Depending on the type of glass, this frame either remains discreetly visible or not.

 There are several glass options

  • Leavened acidified tempered glass 
  • Transparent temperend glass
  • Coloured tempered glass (black & grey)
  • Laminated glass with a pure white PVB foil
  • Decorative glass such as mirrors