Built-in handles

Built-in door handles

Anyway offers a wide range of modern built-in handles

Here is an overview of our exclusive & patented built-in door handles. The built-in door handle is fully integrated into the door leaf structure. The horizontal handles can either be 250mm wide or cover the entire door width (-60mm left/right). The same door handle can also be vertically integrated at 250mm or cover the entire height of the door leaf (-60mm bottom/top). A spinn off was created due to it's succes which is vertically integrated at a total lenght of 1200mm.

These various ‘built-in’ door handles do not protrude from the door leaf. The door handle can’t hit the wall and clothes can’t get caught on it. Pushing or pulling suffices.

Apart from these practical features it is an innovative & contemporary concept that combines function and aesthetics. The colour of the insert can be chosen, it can either be in the same finish as the door panel, a different contrasting colour or a translucent plexi glass insert.

Modern vertical built-in door handle

This vertical integrated door handle is made from anodized aluminium. It's available in a silver or black anodized finish. The handle is a structural part of the door leaf and is therefor a very affordable door handle, it's even the cheapest and most functional doorhandle Anyway has to offer. Anodized aluminium is easy to clean and very scratch resistent, it's also comfortable in use. It's also a very kids friendly design since children can simply hold the handle at their own height when operating the door. 

As desired for instance for restrooms and bathrooms, various minimalistic locks can be built-in so nothing is visible on the door panel finish.