Industrial style pivot doors

Modern steel pivot door concept

These popular industrial style pivot doors are designed to create timeless, visual masterpieces that integrate seamless into any interior style.

These pivoting industrial style doors are remastered with modern materials such as matte black anodized aluminium and a state of the art self-closing pivot hinge system.

The design possibilities are nearly endless. Every door is fully made-to-measure and can be finished off with any desired grid pattern or glass type. The grids are placed on top of the glass; on both sides of the door so the view is always identical and 100% symmetric.

Modern and durable materials

Matte black anodised aluminium is the base ingredient of our crittall style concept. Anodized aluminium is light, durable and maintenance free. 

The frame can be fitted with any kind of 6 or 8 mm thick type of tempered or laminated glass. We personally always suggest 6 mm think tempered (toughened) glass because of its structural rigidity and overall weight advantage. 

There’s a wide variety of interior grade glass such as, clear glass, matte frosted glass, coloured glass, sandblasted glass, etc… All of them offer different design possibilities. Most popular at ANYWAYdoors are clear glass and coloured glass such as grey and dark grey (black). 

With children, pets and greasy fingers in mind, we would suggest to keep an eye on the popular glass types and stay away from sandblasted glass due to maintenance issues.

Minimal door frame

To ensure a proper seal in regards to acoustic and air draught insulation, ANYWAYdoors advises the use of its minimal BKO door frame. 

The minimal anodised aluminium frame (25 mm) is equipped with patented closing technology. There’s a female (concave) fitting inside the door frame that works together with the male (convex) part on top of the door leaf. This setup guarantees perfect closure and positioning. 

ANYWAYdoors pivot doors are as the name already suggests push & pull. In practical terms this means they can be opened and closed soundlessly due to the ingenious male/female closing technology. There’s no need for traditional door handles or other locking hardware. 

All door grips and handles are push & pull design and are made from black anodized aluminium to compliment perfectly with the rest of the door. There’s a wide selection from rectangular handle like designs up to various vertical profiles that follow the lines of the door. 

Upon request a locking solution can be fitted, for instance for privacy or a home office.  

Frameless setup for true purists

Looking for the absolute purist approach; look no further! 

Our industrial style pivot doors can be installed without a door frame due to the innovative built-in pivot hinge system. There’s no need for any pre-installed hardware! The pivot hinge is integrated inside the aluminium frame and is mounted on top of the finished floor and ceiling surface. 

Inevitably the door will have gaps all around because of the frameless nature of this setup. There’s a 11 mm gap below the door, 12.5 mm on top and 3 mm on the left and right. 

So if you’re looking for decent acoustic and thermal performance, its always best to take a look at the minimal BKO frame. But in new and very well insulated constructions, the need for such systems is less popular, so you will notice that more and more clients go for the most minimal setup and decide to go frameless.    

Stealth Pivot - fully mortised pivot hinge system

Stealth Pivot NL

  • Compact self-closing pivot hinge for doors up to 1250 mm width (Max. 75 kg) 
  • Pivot axis in between 90 and 200 mm of the edge of the door
  • Built-in stop at +90 and -90°
  • Configurable 180° or 360°

Stealth Pivot XL

  • Compact self-closing pivot hinge for doors up to 2250 mm width (Max. 150 kg)
  • Pivot axis from 1/4 up to the centre.
  • Built-in stop at +90 and -90°
  • Configurable 180° or 360° functionality

The innovative pivot hinge system is fully mortised inside the aluminium frame of the door. The pivot hinge features a comfort closure that works in all swing directions up to 360°. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible, hence the name "Stealth Pivot".

During development, a great deal of attention went into ease of installation, to ensure that the resulting pivot system could be used in both new and existing homes, regardless the construction, without the need for any pre-installed elements. The minimal anchoring (2 Hilti screws and plugs +- 4.5 cm deep) allows for easy installation on any type of surface. 

ANYWAYdoors advises to keep an eye on the mounting location during construction so the mounting area is free of cables, heating pipes and properly reinforced in case of a drywall ceiling etc.