Modern pivoting doors

Pivoting doors with 360° central or eccentric pivoting hinges

Create a true design statement in your home with our innovative "Room Divider", which offers a unique 360° central pivoting hinge or offset axis pivoting hinge, tailor-made to your needs.

Our modern pivot doors are equipped with invisible pivoting hinges without floor fixtures. The compact hinge system features a high-tech comfort closure which works in both swing directions, allowing doors to revolve up to 360°.

These innovative hinges make it possible for a door as heavy as 150kg to feel as light as a feather. The Anyway philosophy allows the door to open in all possible directions. A pivoting door equipped with a 360° central pivot point can therefore revolve endless.

Innovative pivot hinge without built-in floor fixtures

Our invisible pivoting hinges are mounted on top of the finished floor surface using a compact stainless steel part, without a floor spring or any other built-in floor fixtures. The minimum floor anchoring (2 bolts +-4.5 cm) allows for easy installation on any type of floor and solid or reinforced ceiling surface. In most cases it can even be used on top of underfloor heating systems. During the development process, a great deal of attention was paid to installation and user-friendliness so that the pivoting door could be used in new builds as well as renovations regardless of the floor construction! The invisible hinges are fully integrated into the door leaf so virtually nothing is visible on the floor.

All our pivot doors are equipped with "Stealth Pivot" pivoting hinge technology, designed by Portapivot.

Modular patented locking technology guarantees a perfect closing unit

All pivot doors close soundlessly by means of patented locking technology integrated in the door as well as in the minimalist frame. The male (convex) part consists of a synthetic profile on the door leaf; the synthetic fitting in the door frame is the female (concave) part. Every Anyway door can therefore be set at an opening of 90°, or 180°/360°. Even with doors swinging at 180°/360°, this guarantees perfect closure and positioning. The invisible built-in ventilation is also provided as standard with full doors and glass-framed doors.

This pivot door concept can be used frameless, but it will lose it's "closing" capabilities this way. Light and air will bleed through around the door. The pivot concept is compatible with all doorframes designed by Anyway Doors for a perfect fit.

Custom-made glass pivot doors

We offer a wide range of glass pivot doors, made with various types of tempered glass. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than standard glass. In the event of breakage, the glass shatters into small pieces.

The most popular system (SKD47) is made from an anodized aluminium frame combined with 6mm of tempered glass. Our other solutions consist of a 10mm thick glass sheet with rectangle glass mounted hinges or an aluminium frame with two matte glass sheets (4mm tempered glass) with air in between them for superior acoustic and thermal properties. All our glass pivoting doors will provide you a perfectly closing unit when used in conjunction with the patented locking technology fitted inside the door frame and still provides transparency between different rooms.

Depending on the selected model, the glass pivot door can be made from various types of tempered glass. Transparency and maintenance aspects are also issues to take into account when making your choice.

Self-closing pivot hinge technology - Stealth Pivot

Stealth pivot is an innovative self-closing pivot door hinge system, that can be fitted inside virtually any door leaf. The compact pivot hinge features a high-tech self-closing mechanism that works in all swing directions up to 360°. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible, hence the name "Stealth Pivot".

The hinges make it possible to create pivot doors up to 150 kg, that feel as light as a feather. The normal version is designed for pivot doors up to 75 kg and features an adjustable offset axis point that can be set up at either 80 mm or 178 mm.

The XL version is designed for large pivot doors up to 150 kg. The axis can be positioned at 1/3 or in the centre, with a configurable swing operation of 180° or 360° like a carrousel.

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