Plain sliding doors

Modern custom-made sliding doors

All sliding doors at Anyway Doors are exclusively made ​​to measure. The sliding doors are hung from a compact rail made from anodised aluminium. The rail and sliding doors are cleverly designed so that no components are visible! A panel can be up to 3,050mm high and 1,300mm wide. The doorway should therefore be 3m high and 1.25m wide at most. For larger openings, several panels can be magnetically mounted to each other. A stable and straight door panel is therefore fully guaranteed.

Sliding doors with a stable and flat door leaf

For a modern sliding door leaf, an anodised aluminium frame is used internal, which is also the visual and protective frame of the door leaf. The frame has a core of 41mm PU hard foam, on to which 3mm Resopal Massiv is glued on both sides. The aluminium box profile acts as a cover for the entire sandwich, and protects the edges of the full core plate against lateral damage and penetrating or rising damp. All doors are fully finished and made solely with maintenance free materials.

Compact aluminium rail

The anodised aluminium rail was primarily designed with the installation process in mind because most applications are part of this process. The sliding doors are therefore attached to a compact aluminium head rail. The rail looks smooth and, depending on the situation, is mounted upwards against the ceiling or sideways against the wall. All fixture mechanisms, height adjustments, brakes and so on are concealed and fully integrated.

Wide range of sliding door finishes

The standard Resopal Massiv range contains 35 different Uni-colours and Wood Prints. Other finishes are available on demand, but our focus as manufacturer relies on maintenance free and durable materials. Our sliding doors are designed to last a lifetime, so we should only use materials which can offer the same value.