Strip window

Modern interior doors with glass inserts - "strip windows"

In the full door leafs, oblong glass panes over the width of the door can be integrated. The standard strip window height is 250mm; the centre height is always 1,650mm from the bottom of the door leaf.

After installing the 4mm thick glass on the interior and exterior sides, an aluminium edge of +-5mm remains visible. This lies 2mm on top of the door surface.

It is a ‘double’ glass application, relatively acoustic and thermal due to the gap between the two glass panes.


There is a wide range of possibilities for glass: clear glass, frosted with various patterns or maintenance-friendly etched glass.

These stylized patterns are sandblasted on one side of the glass surface and finished with a coating to simplify maintenance.

We provide you with an overview of Anyway’s patterns (PDF), but also personalised texts or geometric patterns are available on request.


Afhankelijk van het deurtype kunnen opties geïntegreerd of toegevoegd worden: een katten- of hondenluik, optische alu traversen, speciale sloten, spionoog, verluchting of ventilatie, edm,...

Dit dient individueel per geval en in functie van de bouwkundige situatie bekeken te worden.