Modern interior doors custom made.



Interior doors custom-made with technical & practical added value.

Since 1995, ‘Anyway Doors’ has been studying all aspects of the most commonly used construction element, the interior door. Particular attention is paid to discreetly integrated ventilation to promote a healthy living environment. We also pay attention to practical advantages such as doors that swing open in one or both directions, pivot hinges that are not attached to the floor, doors that close by themselves with a built-in comfort closing system etc. To maintenance-free materials such as anodised aluminium, full core HPL, glass, and stainless steel. To draft prevention. To thermal and acoustic shielding. To safety features like finger crush protection, fire prevention, etc.

From a purely technical perspective, Anyway is proud of the fact that all closing, turning and mounting mechanisms are hidden from view. Our high-tech engineering forms a perfectly clean line that can be admired along both sides of the door.

At ‘Typical Anyway’, discover our unique vision of customisation, advanced technology and minimalistic design that sets the tone.