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Exclusive handles and door fittings

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Exclusive techniques and door fittings

For its door fittings, hinges and rail technology Anyway Doors only works with its own exclusive designs. The unique collection of doorknobs, door handles and lock accessories are key in the determining character, look and identity of the product and brand.

Depending on the model, they are ​​either made of stainless steel or anodised aluminium. The doorknobs or handles are statically mounted on the door leaf, and therefore do not have a latch bolt mechanism. Pushing or pulling suffices. There are several built-in handles, doorknobs, door handles and inset strip handles.

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Recessed handles...

There are several innovative recessed handles, which can either be built in locally or over the whole height or width of the door leaf. These recessed handles do no protrude from the door leaf, so the door can open completely against the wall. The door handle can’t hit the wall and clothes can’t get caught on it. Apart from these practical features, it is an innovative contemporary concept that combines function and aesthetics.

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For locking systems, you can choose from minimalist designs in stainless steel that add aesthetic value. There are several turning and sliding locks that we have developed ourselves and which can be fitted with a vacant/occupied indicator. Or a very minimalistic design, consisting of only a small hole in the door, that you can lock or unlock with a universal Anyway key. A cylinder lock, a five-point lock or an electric unlocking device can also be built in.