About ANYWAYdoors

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Interior doors with added value

Anyway Doors was founded in 1995 and has been studying the characteristics and applications of modern interior doors since the start.

Not only are doors the most used building element in any residential construction, they also cover a fair percentage of the wall surface area. All the more reason for our clients to pay extra attention to doorways.

From the start ‘re-inventing the door’ was our mission and aspects such as insulation, ventilation, privacy, maintenance, materials and durability are important considerations in this engineering process. After numerous technical improvements, we were able to provide a door concept that is timeless, attractive and offers solid added value to your home and living comfort.

With their minimalist design, ANYWAY customized interior doors distinguish themselves in more than 30.000 residential projects in the Benelux area.

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ANYWAYdoors history

In 1991, Rudi Dries, the founder, creator and product designer of ANYWAYdoors set of to create a modular door system. As his motto ‘design follows function' shows, he is more product engineer than designer. The proof: a number of international patents but not one model registration in his name. The concepts he develops are first functionally inspired and secondly aesthetically designed.

Rudi finds inspiration in the evolution of architecture, materials, installation & maintenance analysis, but always with the initial philosophy of his company in mind, of creating a highly modular door concept with a contemporary design, look and feel. It has been his mission to hide all fixing and technical parts from view, creating designs that look deceptively simple. The result is a minimalist product, revealing only smooth elements and surfaces, even when the doors are open.

Over the years various new and innovative products were added to ANYWAYdoors product line up, including a sliding door system SLIDE-A-WAY, a modular wardrobe system DRESS-A-WAY and the popular Pivoting Room Dividers with invisible pivot hinges.