Glass doors and walls -
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Glass doors are often used as an eye-catcher in a contemporary interior. Glass doors create a feeling of space and bring in extra light.
All glass doors from ANYWAY are available in the following types


Swing door with invisible pivot hinges and minimalist aluminium frame. The direction of rotation and hinge side is modularly adjustable.


Pivoting door with invisible pivot hinges that do not require prior installation in the floor. Available with and without frame.


Sliding doors with soft-close closing. The compact aluminium rail can be attached either to the wall or to the ceiling.
fixed wall


Fixed glass partitions with a minimal anodised aluminium frame.

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Discover what makes our glass doors unique
Technically, each door can open 90° in both directions (2-way). The direction of rotation can be changed from 2-way to 1-way 90° by means of the patented closing technology where required.

The direction of rotation (1-way or 2-way) and the hinge side can be changed at any time in the frame, making the doors extremely flexible and therefore ANYWAY.
Swing doors

The 'standard' hinges are designed for door leaves up to 1100 mm wide. The hinges are mounted laterally in the doorframe and have no floor mounting. The hinges are completely 'invisibly' integrated in the door leaf and the technology remains hidden even when the door is open (in contrast to classic 'invisible hinges').

Pivot doors

These compact pivot hinges are fully integrated into the door panel. They are equipped with a high-tech comfort lock that also keeps the door open at 90°.

During development, much attention was paid to the installation, so that these doors can be used in both new construction and renovation. The pivot hinge is fixed on top of the finished floor with two 45 mm screws and plugs.
All our glass doors are made with 10 mm thick tempered glass and fittings of anodised aluminium.

Anodising is an electrochemical process that transforms the metal surface into a decorative, durable and corrosion-resistant finish.

The finish is not applied to the surface like paint or powder coating, but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium so it cannot flake off.

Anodised aluminium is considered environmentally friendly because it has little or no harmful effects on land, air or water.
Patented locking technology allows the door to swing open silently in both directions, and it can be easily locked to one side if required.

The male (convex) part consists of the glass edge of the door panel; the female (concave) part is integrated into the door frame.

This locking technology works without a conventional latch or magnetic lock, allowing the door to be used smoothly and hands-free.
Curious about the possibilities and costs? Configure your own glass door according to your wishes and let us send you an offer
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Based on 186 reviews
Based on 397 reviews
Anyway Doors has a beautiful showroom, near the E313. There are many models on display and you get a very thorough explanation from the staff.The measurement was done very quickly, and an additional plus point was that the period between measurement and installation was a lot more favorable than expected.
Robin Schippers
Robin Schippers
09:40 01 Dec 22
Highly recommended ! Very neat and fast work ! Very happy with our new door 🤩
Kimberley Cardon
Kimberley Cardon
01:42 30 Nov 22
We are already fans of the doors from Anyway doors. And what a service during installation: great job, clean work in no time. We know who to recommend! Family. Daelemans - Meise
Inge Peeters
Inge Peeters
13:58 27 Nov 22
Very nice door! Very professional business! Satisfied 👍
Ellen Liekens
Ellen Liekens
16:13 26 Nov 22
We had 3 doors installed by Anyway Doors (one glass door and 2 block doors). We are very satisfied with the result. Also the process before (reception in showroom - measurements - communication about planning - installation) was perfect. Highly recommended!
Correct info in showroom and quick installation. 4w to 8w they said. But after 4w my door was already there. I am satisfied!
10:25 23 Nov 22
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Rawlings The Great
Rawlings The Great
19:07 20 Nov 22
Ended up at Anyway doors through the internet. We compared our steellook door with others. In terms of price they were lower, but in terms of finishing Anyway stands out. Installation was super professional, never seen such a beautiful sealant line! ;-)The door is now the showpiece in our living room.
David Marien
David Marien
18:33 10 Nov 22
Koen Dries
Koen Dries
06:52 07 Nov 22
Very satisfied with our beautiful doors. Very smooth, correct and customer friendly service.
Nele Rottiers
Nele Rottiers
20:04 06 Nov 22
the doors are perfectly installed, no very long waiting times and the they keep all the appointments, a very friendly service, really recommended.
Jan Du Pont Beerzel.
Lut Verbist
Lut Verbist
12:15 04 Nov 22
top products and top service. still satisfied after many years
eric abts
eric abts
20:58 01 Nov 22
After a visit to the showroom we were quickly convinced of our choice for ANYWAY doors: a smooth conversation, clear information and agreements and after the quotation we always got a quick response to our questions! A special mention for the friendly fitters who did a neat and clean job :) We are more than satisfied with the delivered quality and the final result, absolutely top!
Ellen Soetemans
Ellen Soetemans
18:51 24 Oct 22
Hugely satisfied with the professional way of working and the final result. Both the measurements and the final installation went very smoothly. The installers were very clean. Highly recommended!
Ben Daems
Ben Daems
07:51 21 Oct 22
I am very satisfied with the service and quality of Anyway Doors!!! Unbelievable 🥰
Lise De Backer
Lise De Backer
15:24 16 Oct 22
AnywayDoors has again installed a beautiful door. From the request for info in the showroom, preparing a quotation later an order, the communication via e-mail and finally the installation, you are very kindly welcomed/helped here. The new bathroom door with 2 different fronts can be seen.
Mac Patrick
Mac Patrick
11:48 08 Oct 22
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Sesethu Sethu
Sesethu Sethu
04:06 07 Oct 22
Today the installation of our interior doors by anyway doors. Wonderful job done by the installers. Clean and punctual.
Top service.
Jurgen Van Asselt
Jurgen Van Asselt
14:13 30 Sep 22
Good service, very friendly workmen 👍
Kris Van Bel
Kris Van Bel
11:19 27 Sep 22
façade anyway doors white

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