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Koen Dries
Koen Dries
31 January 2022
Discover the latest trends experienced by our manufacturer in interior doors

In contemporary interior design, a combination of black and white is being played with nowadays. Black is a contemporary and clean choice for elementary elements such as lighting, switches and window frames. These black accents create a playful contrast with white walls and cabinets, but it is also a beautiful timeless choice.

Black & white as the basis for contemporary interior design.

By using black for the frame and fine accents such as the line around the recessed handles and the lock, a timeless door ensemble is created. The black door frame is made of anodised aluminium and the white door panel is made of scratch-resistant and low-maintenance Resopal Massiv sheet material. Each inner door is made entirely to measure. The end result is therefore not only visually timeless, but also qualitatively built.

Black interior doors

With the "Black Collection" Anyway responds as a manufacturer to the current trend towards completely black interior doors. The frame is made of black anodised aluminium. The door panel is finished with black Resopal Massiv. The top coating is finished as standard with satin gloss and optionally with a super-matt Traceless coating.

Both finishes are easy to wash and also colour and scratch resistant, with the added advantage for the more expensive Traceless variant that it has a special finger-resistant layer. This means that you see almost no fingerprints on the door and it is even easier to wash it without leaving any marks.

All our door finishes can be washed with any commercially available cleaning product. The finish is chemically resistant, so even acetone cannot affect the door panel. For black doors we recommend Instanet streak-free multi surface (transparent variant).

Steel look interior doors

With our popular "steel look" collection, we create timeless eye-catchers that really come into their own in any interior design style. This modern steel door interpretation is light as a feather by using black anodised aluminium for the frame and the accompanying border. This light, sleek and low-maintenance material is combined with a wide range of toughened glass. This way, you can easily adapt the door to the desired style and environment.

These beautiful steel look doors are equipped with high-tech pivot hinges without in-built parts for doors up to 1100 mm width. The invisible hinge is completely built into the frame and is attached directly to the minimalist frame. Therefore, nothing needs to be built in or fitted into the floor! For wider doors, an adapted hinge is used that is fixed locally with 2 holes of 4.5 cm into the floor.

Black glass interior doors

In addition to black interior doors and "steel look" doors, we also see an increasing demand for black glass doors, whether or not in combination with black interior doors. They are also often used as a separate eye-catcher. They are either semi-transparent or frosted on one side (acidified) so that one cannot see through the door. The semi-transparent version is particularly popular. This way you create an optical barrier between the entrance and the living room, but you can still see through it if you know it.

BKO frame is by far the most popular frame system

At Anyway Doors customers most often choose a BKO frame. This is a modern variation on a wooden block frame, but in anodised aluminium. The frame can be finished either in natural silver or black and today many customers choose the black version. The block frame is placed centrally between the fully finished door opening (reveal). The reveal sides must already be fully finished before the measurement. This can be done in plaster, plasterboard, wood, MDF, etc. The door is screwed directly to the finished reveal edge or wall finish using rubber anti-vibration mats. The paintable sealant joint of at least 2.5 mm between the aluminium profile and the wall finish is smoothed cleanly and squarely. This frame is a cheaper and simpler system than the completely invisible door frame. Since the paintwork and skirting boards can be finished at an angle, you also get a "frameless" effect...

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