Made-to-measure block doors ( BKO block frame )
Koen Dries
Koen Dries
27 August 2015
Modern made-to-measure block doors with an aluminium block frame

BKO: frame placed in the finished wall opening (finished sides)

Block doors from Anyway Doors are made with a block frame in anodised aluminium. The frame can be finished either in natural silver or black. The block frame is placed "between" the fully finished reveal sides. The reveal sides may be finished in plaster, plasterboard, wood, MDF, etc. The block door is screwed directly to the finished reveal edge or wall with rubber anti-vibration mats. The paintable sealant joint of at least 2.5 mm between the aluminium profile and the wall finish is smoothed tightly and squarely.

Block doors with central mounting for a "frameless" effect

All interior doors are always placed centrally in the door opening by Anyway. The door leaf is therefore centrally positioned with regard to the wall thickness. Decentralised is possible, but never flush with the wall surface in order to prevent cracks and tears. The block frame is placed at least 25 mm from the edge for mounting stability. In addition to technical added value, this unique position has numerous aesthetic advantages, namely an identical door on both sides and a maximum "frameless" effect. The skirting boards should be finished off after installation so that they run neatly around the corner.

The practical requirements for a block door

A block frame is the cheapest and most popular door system of Anyway. Also because of the simple preparation many people choose these sleek block doors. No profiles need to be placed in advance and the plasterer and floor fitter finish everything as if no doors were being installed.

  • Can be used anywhere
  • Budget-friendly and simplest framing system

Preparation: fully finished day sides + floors

After installation: finishing skirting boards & painting elastic sealant joints

Block doors technically

The anodised aluminium block frame measures 50 x 22 mm and is mounted centrally on your finished door opening. This block frame position prevents tearing, cracking and loosening and makes the door optically identical from both sides. The adjusting joint of at least 2.5 mm is finished off at right angles by our fitters with a paintable sealant joint. The door leaf is mounted with invisible hinges in the "BKO" profile. Nothing is fixed to the floor. Visually, a 22 mm aluminium profile remains visible around the door leaf. Floor transitions or expansion joints are provided in the centre of the door opening. Skirting boards are fitted after installation.

What is unique about Anyway's block doors?
  • 100% customisation
  • adjustable 90° or 180° opening to both sides
  • always fully finished = scratch-resistant and low-maintenance
  • cannot be painted! (Final finish is Resopal Massiv)
  • no risk of tearing and cracking due to central assembly
  • invisible hinges (available with and without comfort closure)
  • interchangeable hinge side without floor mounting = can hinge left or right
  • Built-in ventilation
  • unique collection of handles and accessories
Inner doors with black frame

With the "Black Collection" Anyway responds as a manufacturer to the trend towards completely black interior doors. The frame is made of black anodised aluminium. The door panel is finished with black Resopal Massiv. The top coating is finished as standard in satin gloss and optionally in super-matt Traceless coating. Both finishes are easy to wash and also colour and scratch resistant, with the added advantage for the more expensive Traceless variant that it has a special finger-resistant layer. This means that you see almost no fingerprints on the door and it is even easier to wash it without leaving any marks.

All our door finishes can be washed with any commercially available all-purpose cleaner. This is because the finish is chemically resistant, so even products such as acetone have no effect on the door panel. We recommend Instanet streak-free multi surface (transparent variant) for the maintenance of black doors.

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