Modern customised interior doors for a timeless interior
Koen Dries
Koen Dries
1 January 2017
Anyway Doors, the reference for modern interior doors

The Belgian door specialist Anyway Doors has been studying all characteristics and applications of modern interior doors since 1995. Not only are doors the most frequently used building element in each house, they also cover a fair percentage of the total wall surface. All the more reason, as a builder, to pay extra attention to interior doors. Anyway creates functional added value with its innovative and modular door systems.

Inner doors with invisible hinges and adjustable direction of rotation

The invisible hinges with integrated comfort closure can be mounted on the left or right side of the frame. The entire concept is modular, so that the direction of rotation can be set to 90° or 180°, i.e. to open in one or both directions. The patented closing system operates silently and you can operate the door hands-free. Each inner door remains adjustable in terms of direction of rotation and hinge side even after mounting. The invisible hinges are hidden behind a special profile so that even with a fully opened door nothing is visible!

Inner doors with invisible frame

Doors without frames are trendy, but Anyway Doors has been offering them since 1995. The Belgian brand can therefore rightly call itself a real pioneer in the field of doors without visible frames.

A built-in frame requires the necessary preparation so that the system can be installed correctly and properly. A tried and tested system, with correct and stable installation, guarantees a beautiful finish without cracks or tears in the future!

Block doors with aluminium block frame

Anyway made-to-measure block doors are equipped with a minimalistic anodised aluminium profile that is placed centrally in the door opening. The doorways should be finished by your builder or plasterer as if nothing was being installed. Simply have the door opening (day side) beautifully finished with corner profiles, Gyproc or MDF. This frame provides an optically frameless effect and is the cheapest solution of Anyway.

Our BKO frame is available in a neutral anodised version (silver) or in a black anodised version. The black variant is currently very popular, both for completely black block doors and in combination with white door panels and black handles. Prices can be requested via our product configurator or by e-mail.

Black interior doors

Our popular "Black Collection" consists of all-black interior doors that are also practical in terms of maintenance. The frame is made of black anodised aluminium. The door panel is finished with black Resopal Massiv. The top coating of our doors comes in satin gloss as standard and can optionally be provided with a super matt Traceless coating. Both finishes are easy to wash and are also colour and scratch resistant, with the added advantage for the more expensive Traceless variant that it has a special fingerprint-resistant layer. This means that you see almost no fingerprints on the door and it is even easier to wash it without leaving any marks.

All our door finishes can be washed with any commercially available all-purpose cleaner. This is because the finish is chemically resistant, so even products such as acetone have no effect on the door panel. We recommend Instanet streak-free multi surface for the maintenance of black interior doors.

Innovative interior doors with functional added value:
  • Adjustable 90° or 180° opening
  • Invisible hinges with comfort closure
  • Stable door panel up to 3 m in height (without wood, tubular steel,...)
  • Door panel finish = Resopal Massiv
  • Fully finished = easy-care and scratch-resistant
  • Aluminium-coloured or black frames
  • Silent closure
  • Collection of recessed handles for handleless and practical design
  • Invisible built-in ventilation
Resopal Massiv

For its door panels, ANYWAYdoors resolutely chooses fully finished materials that are paintable, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

The 3 mm thick Massiv product from Resopal is used as a final finish. This product has the same properties as HPL. The protective top layer on top of the decor layer is resistant to stains, heat, impacts and is scratch-resistant. It more than meets the requirements of the European BS EN 438 standard. This stipulates that the material must be resistant to stains caused by 49 products occurring in daily use such as coffee, citric acid, acetone, alcohol, cleaning agents and chemicals used in laboratories.

It is an extremely stable material and is also moisture-resistant. With the trend towards higher and wider doors in mind, stability of the door leaf is a very important factor.

There is a wide choice of about 30 different decors.

Invisible hinges with comfort closure

From a purely technical point of view Anyway Doors makes it a point of honour to completely hide all closing, turning and fastening technology from view. The end result is a perfectly taut line that can be admired from both sides. All interior doors are fitted as standard with invisible hinges, which are always attached to the frame. This allows the door to change its hinge side as desired after installation. The hinges can thus be attached to the frame on both the left and the right side and remain adaptable in the event of a change of use.

The picture shows the current pivot hinge. This is the 6th hinge system developed by ANYWAYdoors in the meantime. Separate pivot hinges were developed for large pivoting doors with minimal floor anchoring, but also without the recessed parts often found in conventional systems.

Customised glass doors

Anyway Doors offers a wide range of made-to-measure glass doors without floor springs or other fixing techniques that have to be incorporated in the floor in advance. Glass doors create a spatial effect and bring in extra light. Clear glass doors create a good barrier, but you retain optimum transparency between the different rooms. Glass doors with acidified or sandblasted glass offer an optical shield, but you still retain about 80% light incidence between the two rooms. Other types of glass such as coloured glass are also possible.

All our glass doors are fitted with invisible hinges that are attached to the frame and equipped with a high-tech locking system. The doors can open 90° 1-way or 180° in both directions as required and close acoustically and thermally seamlessly in the patented locking profiles that are integrated into the frame around the door. There is a mandatory ventilation gap only under the door.

Modern steel door concept

With our popular "Steel Look" collection, we create timeless eye-catchers that are at home in any interior design style. These modern steellook doors are made of black anodised aluminium in combination with 6 or 8 mm tempered glass. There is a wide choice of glass types so the door can be easily adapted to the desired style and environment. Popular options are clear glass, Dark Grey coloured glass and extra clear frosted glass. Extra-ready acidified glass has a white colour and creates privacy, but still allows 80% of the light through.

Our steellook doors are completely made to measure. They can be used as a normal revolving door, pivoting door or as a sliding door. The possibilities are endless, as well as the desired design since the subdivisions are applied on top of the glass and can therefore be styled entirely as desired.

Multiple showrooms throughout the Benelux

Anyway Doors' made-to-measure interior doors are available throughout the Benelux. Because made-to-measure and quality are best shown in a realistic environment, you can visit several places to see our products in "real life". As each door is made entirely to measure for your doorway, it is important to determine the right finishes in a showroom beforehand.

In the flagship store in Massenhoven, you will be welcomed and assisted by interior designers, but also at our local distributors you can expect professional and skilled staff who will guide you through the various possibilities. Regardless of the location, your file will always be followed up from A to Z.

The same goes for measuring and assembly. At all locations, you can count on competent people who will carry out the installation down to the last detail.

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