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Glass partitions

Glass partitions with an integrated glass door withour floor spring.

Glass partitions and glass doors customised for your office, practice or firm

Anyway Doors makes customised glass partitions and doors for partitioning office spaces. The glass partitions are designed to provide optimal transparency in office environments. The functional added value of Anyway’s systems lies on the one hand in the hinge technology with automatic closer and on the other hand in the locking system in the glass doors, which makes it possible to turn the door in both directions if so desired. All this without fixtures in the floor or ceiling! All techniques are modular in design which means that both the hinge side and the swing direction can be changed later for maximum flexibility.

Glass partitions for modern design offices.

Various types of glass for glass doors and partitions

The glass partitions and doors can be finished in various types of glass. The most flexible version is 10mm clear toughened glass for optimum transparency between rooms. After mounting, a signage company can apply your company logo or any other geometric motifs to the glass. Then there is a choice of 10mm leavened or frosted glass; leavened glass allows 80% of the light to pass through and is the easiest to maintenance. Frosted glass can be finished off as desired with personalised motifs, but it is difficult to clean, even with the standard ClearShield coating. Furthermore, we also offer grey or even dark grey almost black tempered glass.

Clear glass office partitions by Anyway Doors.

Glass partitions for offices with innovative closure

The added value of Anyway Doors glass partitions and offices doors lies in the innovative closures. The glass doors are equipped with a patented closing system which gives them a virtually perfect seal and a high score in the draft and acoustic department. The 10mm thick glass pane closes in a single door configuration both at the rear, top and front. There is a mandatory ventilation gap of 10mm at the bottom of the door. If the glass door is placed alongside glass partitions as seen in the pictures, there will be a 5mm gap between the glass partition and glass door. The doors can rotate in both directions or be limited to one side; this can be changed at any time, as can the hinge side. For aesthetic reasons, partitions are usually placed in direct contact with each other, but if desired, they can be finished with silicone kitting or we provide a synthetic connecting profile.

Glass door with glass partition

Frames and fitting of glass doors and partitions

The anodised aluminium block frame measures W48 x H25mm and is fitted in the centre of the ‘finished’ door opening. This position prevents fissures, cracks and becoming loose and makes the walls visually identical from both rooms. The bottom joint of at least 2.5mm is finished off at a right angle with a paintable sealant. The glass door leaf is fitted using concealed hinges in the BKO profile. The 25mm BKO profile remains visible around the glass walls. The glass partitions are set in the same profile; an aluminium U-profile 15x15mm is used only at the bottom.