Walk-in closet finishes

The vertical profiles, floating shelves and drawers of the open wardrobe are composed of anodised aluminium profiles. A sandwich construction is glued around the floating shelves and drawers, the top and bottom are fitted with a top layer of 3mm Resopal Massiv full core laminate. This MASSIV finish is available in a variety of plain colours or matte faux woodprints.

Resopal ‘Massiv’ full core

The 3mm thick ‘Massiv’ Reposal product has the same properties as full core HPL. The protective top coating on the decorative layer is stain, heat and impact resistant as well as very scratch proof. It amply meets the requirements of the European BS EN 438 standard, according to which the material must be resistant to stains caused by 49 commonly used products, such as coffee, citric acid, acetone, alcohol, detergents and chemicals used in laboratories.

A choice of over 35 different decors.

More information: Resopal


Drawers and drawer units

The integrated Blum Intivo drawers are available in white, grey and black. A glass insert can be fitted in the high drawers. On request, even drawers in aluminium or stainless steel are possible.

Anodised aluminium

Anodising is a surface treatment on metals, such as aluminium and titanium, to provide them with an oxide layer. Anodising is carried out using an electrolytic treatment. The oxide layer is hard, porous and durable. The colour can be either black or natural aluminium according to choice.

Finishes for the rear panel

The rear panel or wall of the open wardrobe can be covered with various 4mm thick glass finishes (mirror or Lacobel white/black/metallic grey) or with a 3mm thick Resopal Massiv finish. Both of them are glued on to the wall in-between the wall profiles.

Afwerkingen voor achterwand

De achterwand of muur van de open dressing kan voorzien worden van diverse 4mm dikke glas afwerkingen (spiegel of Lacobel wit/zwart/metallic grijs) of voorzien worden van een 3mm dikke Resopal Massiv afwerking. Beiden worden op de muur gelijmd tussen de Wall profielen.

Vrijstaande opstelling als scheidingswand

Dress Wall kan ook volledig vrijstaand gemonteerd worden tussen de vloer en het plafond. De kast kan dan als scheidingswand dienst doen. Tegen de achterzijde van de profielen kan dan een glazen wand bevestigd worden. 

Er zijn verschillende glassoorten beschikbaar voor zowel de glazen wand als de zwevende tabletten van de inloopkast.