Custom-made walk-in closets

The ideal walk-in closet

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DRESS WALL is a walk-in closet & wardrobe system. The modular floating structure can be fitted on the wall, between floor and ceiling, or free standing. The beautiful and functional illumination creates a particularly attractive boutique feel in your walk-in wardrobe.

The layout of the open wardrobe system is easy to adapt. The floating shelves and drawers are finished off with a low-maintenance top layer in 3mm Resopal Massiv. There is choice of 35 different finishes.

Wardrobes have become a much-appreciated part of our homes in recent years. Nowadays just as much attention is given to wardrobes as to kitchens and bathrooms. But to make the most of a wardrobe it needs to be more than just beautiful and presentable, above all it needs to be functional. Available space, which in contemporary architecture is shrinking, needs to be optimally and creatively utilised. A wardrobe should essentially be easy to use and properly laid out. It needs to be easily accessible from the bedroom or bathroom. 

This walk-in closet system was specifically designed for locations where a separate dressing area was already planned. One doesn’t need to place a closet in a closet, which regrettably happens far too often. Obviously this is an unnecessary and budget-consuming option! 

Optionally the back walls of the walk-in closet can be finished with painted glass walls, available in various colours or the same Resopal Massiv finish as the shelves, for example, in order to hide a less attractive wall from view. The effect of the optional led lighting is also maximised by a glass wall finish. Maintenance-wise, this is also an optimal solution. 

Dress Wall walk-in wardrobes & closets are fully made to measure and further developed in consultation with our interior design consultants. All your wishes regarding optimal use of the available space, budget, layout, specific adjustments, etc. are incorporated in the design

The main advantages of a walk-in wardrobe & closet system

  • An affordable and modular concept.
  • High-tech, scratch-resistant and low-maintenance materials.
  • Flexible design and expansion possibilities.
  • Invisibly integrated LED lighting (both functional and mood lighting)
  • Optional finish on back panel with stained glass, mirror or Resopal Massiv (full core HPL)


We create your ideal and personalized walk-in closet

After your visit to the showroom, a free 3D design is first developed to visualise your wardrobe project. Based on these 3D drawings a detailed quote is drawn up.

After agreeing to construction on the basis of the quote and visualisations, detailed measurements follow on site. Subsequently your walk-in wardrobe is custom-made in the Belgian workshop and factory. Delivery and installation takes place 6 to 10 working weeks after measurements are taken by our own professionals.