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Hidden pivot hinge technique

modern interior doors with invisible hinges

Interior doors with concealed pivot hinges

All interior doors at Anyway Doors come equipped with patented concealed hinges as a standard. All the technical ingenuity is hidden behind removable sections. The standard invisible and self-closing hinges are multifunctional: a built-in 90° doorstop, height and depth adjustment of the door leaf in relation to the locking technology, and a built-in lock function of 90° when open.



invisble hinge system by Anyway Doors

Interior doors with invisble hinges and hidden parts

From a purely technical perspective, Anyway is proud of the fact that all closing, turning and mounting mechanisms are hidden from view. The end result is a perfectly clean line that can be admired along both sides of the door. All interior doors are fitted with these invisible hinges that are always mounted in the frame so that the door can be changed to suit the required hinge side. The concealed hinges can therefore be fitted to the left as well as to the right, and can always be adjusted if its use changes. As you can see in these pictures, nothing is visible when the door is open, unlike other ‘invisible hinge’ systems!

compact self-closing pivot door hinge

New: Invisible pivot hinges for large pivot doors

Stealth Pivot - pivot hinge technology

Stealth pivot is an innovative pivot door hinge system, that can be fitted inside virtually any door leaf. The compact pivot hinge features a high-tech self-closing mechanism that works in all swing directions up to 360°. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible, hence the name "Stealth Pivot".

The hinges make it possible to create pivot doors up to 150 kg, that feel as light as a feather. The normal version is designed for pivot doors up to 75 kg and features an adjustable offset axis point that can be set up at either 80 mm or 178 mm.

The XL version is designed for large pivot doors up to 150 kg. The axis can be positioned at 1/3 or in the centre, with a configurable swing operation of 180° or 360° like a carrousel.

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compact pivot hinge with innovative self-closing system

Stealth Pivot NL

Compact invisible pivot hinge designed for doors up to 3000 x 1250 mm.

    • Designed for doors up to 75 kg - 165 lbs
    • Modular offset axis point: 80 mm or 178 mm
    • Swing operation: 180°
    • 1-way 90° or 2-way 180° configurable
    • +90° & -90° open/hold positioning
    • High-tech closing technology with Suspa gas springs
    • Adjustable closing force 300N - 400N - 500N
    invsible pivot hinge with adjustable hinge pressure

    Stealth Pivot XL

    Invisible pivot hinge system for large pivot doors without any pre-installed built-in parts. Designed for doors up to 3000 x 2250 mm.

      • Designed for doors up to 150 kg - 330 lbs
      • Configurable offset axis 1/3 or central axis position
      • Swing operation: 180° or 360°
      • 1-way 90° / 2-way 180° / 360° configurable
      • +90° & -90° open/hold positioning
      • High-tech closing technology with Suspa gas springs
      • Adjustable closing force 300N - 400N - 500N